Base Nutrients

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Nitrogen (N):

Essential to plant growth. As part of chlorophyll, photosynthesis happens. Phosphorus (P): Helps transfer energy and encourage root development, flowering and fruiting.

Potassium (K):

Essential in flower and fruit development as well as root growth and disease resistance, potassium also assists with cell wall formation and helps stabilize various enzymes.

Calcium (Ca)

Is used for cell wall development and growth as well as enzyme stabilization.

Magnesium (Mg):

Magnesium is an integral component of chlorophyll, making it essential for photosynthesis.

Sulfur (S)

is essential to certain amino acids and enzymes as well as secondary Macronutrients such as silicon.

Silicon (Si)

Is particularly helpful at strengthening plant cell walls to increase resistance against diseases.

Chlorine (Cl):

Essential to photosynthesis and involved in the osmosis process. Sodium (Na): Some plants use small amounts of sodium for metabolic processes.

Micronutrients: Iron (Fe):

Required for photosynthesis as it facilitates chlorophyll synthesis.

Manganese (Mn):

Essential in breaking down carbohydrates and nitrogen metabolism.

Boron (B):

Vital for cell division, protein formation and seed development.

Zinc (Zn):

Required for enzyme activation and production of growth hormones.

Copper (Cu):

Copper plays an essential role in photosynthesis, respiration, and the production of lignin in cells.

Molybdenum (Mo)

Contributes to amino acid formation.

Nickel (Ni)

Is essential for enzyme activation and seed germination.

Ensuring a proper balance of nutrients is vital to plant health. Too much or too little of any nutrient can lead to symptoms of deficiency or toxicity in plants.

When cultivating plants, understanding their soil or growth medium's nutrient composition can assist with selecting suitable fertilizers or solutions for supplementation.