Gavita is the global leading company when it comes to producing grow lights today. Over the years their innovations have took took over the lighting market. Having their roots in horticulture, they've always understood what a plant need in terms of light. Gavita have constantly provided lighting innovations, from 400v lights, to 750W bulbs & Double-Ended fixtures and bulbs. Gavita is used by professionals all around the world, from greenhouses and warehouses having upto 100,000 lights in to the hobbyists tent at home with the single light on, Gavita are the choice by many.

Here at Doctor Blooms, our staff have gained countless years of experience when it comes to indoor growing and we all understand one of the most important aspects of that is light. There are so many choices of lights on the market today with all types of technology competing to be the best. This can often lead you to get confused when looking for your lighting solutions, which is why we are to help advise you around your environment to supply you with a light that best fits you. Contact us at [email protected] or give us a call on 01279 501857 and we'll be happy to run you through the options.