Grow Room Climate Control

Managing the climate / environment in your grow room allows you to successfully eliminate the risk of heat stress, swinging temperatures and humidity spikes, keeping your plants healthy and stress free. Our range of climate control & ventilation products will give you the advantage you need to consistently get the prefect results you desire. You will be setup with the best temperature & humidity air-conditioning in no time. Take control and contact us today for honest, professional and friendly advice on our wide range of climate control and ventilation systems. No matter what you are growing, we will help maximise the return on your efforts and minimise losses that could have been easily avoided, saving you both time and money. 

We can assist in setting up any Ventilation system you require, big or small. We offer a consultation service if required, helping set up an efficient indoor or even outdoor grow to help maximise your produce out of your available space! Contact the store on 01279 501857 or visit our showroom for a complete run down on our product ranges in Bishops Stortford, open between 10am - 6pm.