The OptiClimate system is a climate-control system that was developed on company premises. The result was a product that is highly efficient and optimised, allowing the user to adjust the temperature to their liking while using as little energy as possible.

OptiClimate offers the only all-in-one solution to manage your interior climate. It is unique in its ability to dehumidify and filter air, as well as cool or heat.

No longer are you dependent on outside temperatures and can enjoy the perfect climate all year long. Even during a heatwave, you can achieve the perfect temperature. The OptiClimate distributes air evenly in a room, resulting in a comfortable temperature. Temperatures can be adjusted exactly to your needs and will be maintained continuously. Here at Doctor Blooms we can give you the full details on Opticlimate systems, with advice during and after set up with ongoing support. If you are interested in an Opticlimate unit please don't hesitate to contact us on 01279 501857.