Nokotech products use industry-leading technology and only high-quality parts to ensure their durability. This allows them to deliver maximum yields while extending product life expectancy. High-spec premium LED chips and drivers from top brands are used to reach high levels of PPFD and penetrate deeper below the canopy. This is while remaining energy efficient. We prefer quality over quantity.


Made To Fit

To achieve the best performance and characteristics of our products, even the smallest details matter. They do everything they can to ensure that products are simple to use, transport and install. 


Nokotech, a UK startup, was founded in 2021. However, its team has over 10 years of combined experience in product design and manufacturing. Diverse members of the specialization teams came together to develop high-end indoor products for industrial and home growers.


Definitely! They are committed to making top-quality products at the most affordable price. Only the finest companies/suppliers are used to create their products.

Their strict quality control extends to all levels of production, packaging, and shipping. Every flaw will be eliminated.


Nokotechs products are guaranteed to be of high quality, therefore they come with reasonable warranties.

They have strict quality controls that cover many levels from production to packaging and shipping, but there is always a chance for possible defects.

The warranty period varies depending on the model and product. LED fixtures, for instance, have a warranty between 3 and 5 years. The warranty information can be found on each product page and in the manual.