Vertical Farming Consultation Services

With over 35 years experience in the hydroponics industry, Doctor Blooms can help supply and fit many of the latest technological advances within horticulture. After the Coronavirus Pandemic, the world has realised the instability in the food logistics industry, with many shortages of produce seen around the world many nations are looking to the future and self sustainability. Hydroponics have never been more popular with home growers and commercial ones alike all taking a massive steps towards using hydroponic systems to grow their produce and in recent years, vertically. Traditional methods have too many variables which are difficult to control, climate change is causing shifts in temperatures and seasons and when growing outdoors pests are always more of a problem.

Moving indoors gives you freedom to harvest all year round, dial in the spectrum from your lights to improve flavours and decrease growing times. In recents years LED lighting has seen vast technological advancements which in turn has given a rise to urban & vertical farming. Which provide lower running temperatures compared to traditional HID lighting less headroom is needed, therefore allowing farmers to have multiple beds of crops over multiple levels. 

Vertical farming is the way forward for the 21st Century, utilising the large headrooms of warehouses we help solve overcrowding by utilising foot space whilst also increasing production levels exponentially. These Vertical Farming methods offer the quickest ROI (return on investment) and give growers the ability to fine tune their methods to produce the tastiest and highest yielding fruits, vegetables or microgreens. 

We offer consultancy service for any commercial farming enterprise such as colleges, universities, large sites which want to have inhouse grown produce or even traditional farmers that want t okeep u with the times and maximise production.  We can design a set up to maximise the area & supply the most up to date technology to help you set up an efficient and profitable farm. Vertical Future and V Farm offer some of the best systems on the market. Each with their own attributes to suit different scenarios we can help you maximise your space and in turn your yield. 

Located right near Vertical Future’s Bishops Stortford warehouse, we are able to work closely with their team and see their systems in use. Completely automated with conveyor belts to move produce from stage to stage, even down to an automated harvest. Vertical Future are at the pinnacle of Urban Farming, supplying fully fitted out containers in multiple sizes so just about anyone can start their Urban Farming journey in a dedicated, purpose built and profession facility in their back garden. 

V-Farm are constantly delivering ground breaking innovations in the urban sector of agriculture, founded by the HydroGarden team out of Coventry, they have years of experience in the horticulture sector. Their pioneering Nutrient Film Technique based vertical rack systems have been utilised in a number of bespoke grow rooms, customisable due to the amount of levels your system can have they will be able to fit in any application. Once again utilising the maximum amount of space which is a staple of the Urban Farming ethos. 

Here at Doctor Blooms we are committed to giving the best possible service in every way, for any questions you may have about Urban Farming or our Consultancy Service please do not hesitate to contact us for any more information you may have.