Hydroponics Shop

Welcome to Doctor Blooms Hydroponics Shop, We provide everything you need whether you are growing in soil or hydroponics. Our UK grow shop is filled with growing equipment and live working systems. We pride ourselves on supplying quality equipment which we use ourselves in-house. Our hydro store has everything you need for your indoor garden. An established grow shop with outstanding products. UK’s preferred supplier of Kits and Accessories to commercial and hobby growers. We are happy to share our knowledge with you and guide you on the different setups and techniques available.

Guiding you on the most suitable systems that will achieve your best outcome. We help maximise your success whilst saving you money & have various methods of indoor growing techniques set up in our showroom, ranging from Coco-Coir to Aeroponics for you to see in action. Our Hertfordshire showroom stocks a comprehensive range of hydroponic products including Lighthouse & Phantom Grow Tents, Lumatek LED Lights, various Hydroponic Systems plus a comprehensive range of Nutrients & Additives from trusted brands such as Advanced Nutrients, BioBizz, Canna, Dutch Pro, Monkey Nutrients, Plagron & Plant Magic & many more.

We offer all of the most popular fittings for a wide range of hydroponic grow kits, including electrical supplies, consumables, accessories and bundled kits, suitable for both beginners & professional growers. Come and visit our amazing showroom and speak to our professional & friendly staff, who will be happy to explain various hydroponics systems and nutrients that we sell. We can help plan your project using methods best suited to you and your budget.

We offer quality products at competitive prices and will always guide you on the most suitable systems to achieve your outcomes. Feel free to request a price match on any of the products in our range.

We can order items especially for you, so if you don't see what you are looking for on our online store please contact us as we may stock it in our showroom. If not, we may be able to source it for you.