CX Horticulture

With all the changes occurring in growing systems, the modern grower needs a nutrient line that keeps in step with, and can adapt to, these advances. This is where the “Smart Tech” nutrients and additives from CX Horticulture UK shine. Not only are their products based on sound commercial horticultural practices, tested over many, many years of use, but are also in a constant state of being adapted to modern systems. Our “Smart Tech” fertilizers actually adapt their release and activity to plant demand. No more force feeding, resulting in soft plants and out-of-control pest and disease problems; no more starving the plants of vital nutrients. Our products are designed to work synergistically and in harmony with natural processes.

Top-tier fertilizers don’t “just happen”. The experience and proven track performance we have in both commercial and hobby growing is the result of many years of field testing, analyzing plant uptake, and high-end chemical engineering. Passion, attention to detail and truly in-depth growing experience combine to bring you the best fertilizers you can possibly experience. This means that you, the grower, can rely on the nicely compact, well-behaved and highly effective line that is CX Horticulture.