British-manufactured Alien grow systems provide top-quality growing systems including recirculating deep-water culture, Rain system and aeroponics. Alien Growing Systems are a market leader in Deep Water Culture systems, providing you with easy-to-use, high-quality systems. DWC gives you unparalleled growth rates due to nutrient solutions surrounding the roots.

The Alien systems all feature robust components in a wide variety of styles and garden sizes. No other brand has a build quality like Alien, proving time after time they are the best in the business. Featuring water and air pumps, to keep the solution recirculated and oxygenated. These systems are available in configurations ranging from 4 to 48. Doctor Blooms has decades of experience in the hydroponics industry which aids us in assisting and helping you get set up with the best DWC systems there are. Contact us today on 01279 501857 for any enquiries about Alien Systems.