About Us

Founded in 2010 Dr Blooms is a hydroponics specialists, based in Hertfordshire, with over 18 years experience in the industry. 

As one of the UK’s leading supplier of hydroponics kits and advanced nutrients we are very knowledgeable about the different set ups and various techniques to use. Our Showroom has at least 5 working methods of indoor growing in our showroom, ranging from coco fibre to aeroponics. 

Our site in Hertfordshire carries a comprehensive selection of hydroponic products such as Secret Jardin grow tents, a selection of fluorescent grow lights, complete hydroponic grow kits and well known, trusted nutrients from manufacturers such as Advanced Nutrients, Canadian Express, Bio Bizz, Canna nutrients, Dutch Pro, Bluelab, Plant Magic and Plagron.

We sell all the necessary fittings for a wide range of hydroponic grow kits such as electrical supplies, consumables, accessories and bundled kits to suit either beginners or professionals.Come and have a look at our amazing show room you can come in person to our shop and speak to one of our friendly staff who will be happy to explain the various hydroponics kits, and advanced nutrients that we sell, or plan out your project using methods best suited to you. We have done thorough research into the best hydroponics kits that are available on the market and will only be selling the best products we can find at competitive prices. We can order items specially for you, so if you don't see what you are looking for on our online web store please don't hesitate to contact us and we may stock it at our shop or we will be happy to order it in for you if possible.

For further information on any of our products get in touch through our Contact page.