Alien RDWC Black System

Alien RDWC Black Series, Recirculating Deep Water Culture method is used to cultivate plants that have their roots immersed in highly oxygenated nutrients. The ALIEN RDWC Hydroponic System can maximize your growth potential. Superoxygenated nutrients are constantly circulated through the system.

Water pumps create a current that draws the solution through pots and mixes the nutrients. The current delivers vital nutrients to roots. This improves root health and increases nutrient uptake efficiency. The system contains a large volume of water, which ensures that PH and EC are maintained.

The new generation ALIEN RDWC system has many features. They are now available in the PRO Silver Series or Black Series.

Now the fittings can be threaded with rubber washers or nuts, making it easier to install and relocate. The pots are supported by heavy-duty clips that can be found on either side of them.

To avoid root damage, the Net Pot has been greatly improved. It is now made in supersoft material. Although the square shape is suitable for rockwool cubes it can still be rotated. To avoid oversaturation, the base has a raised grid that lifts the cube slightly.

The header of all RDWC systems is now equipped with fittings that are factory-installed, making it easy to install chillers.