Alien Rain Silver System

Nature sometimes knows better. The revolutionary hydroponic system Alien Rain Silver System mimics rain to provide a natural environment that encourages plant growth.

Fully automated irrigation system designed to replace old nutrients with fresh and help grow healthy crops.

The RAIN system distributes nutrients equally to plants just like rain does in nature.

Patent-pending RAIN lid delivers nutrients in rain-like effects and is capable of washing away salt residue.

For a healthy garden with high yields, this allows the roots of the plants to utilize all the nutrients right to the surface.

RAIN which uses light-mask technology to eliminate top-surface alga, will also allow the medium dry evenly between meals.

This prevents nutrient loss and allows the maximum amount of minerals and nutrients to reach the plants without waste.

The RAIN system is fully adaptable and can be used with any medium, including soil or coco.

The RAIN system can work in a run-to-waste or recirculation system.

It is flexible and adaptable, allowing you to use any strain to your advantage, enabling you to cultivate the way you wish.

The Alien Rain System is beautiful system that can give outstanding results. If you need any help with setting up the system we have videos online or just gives us a call, and we would be pleased to help.