Hydro-X Environmental Control Systems

Hydro-X Environmental Control System

Hydro-X is a modular and professional-grade environmental control system that can support most control modules and sensor within one growing zone. It also offers flexible customizations and expansion.

Shared functions

Hydro-X Plus / Hydro X Pro are the 3 models available to meet the requirements of various types of growers. Hydro-X can be used to control the majority of horticultural light systems on the market using lighting adapters. Two separate lighting channels are built into the system, allowing control of two different systems simultaneously. Automatically adjust the PAR meter and then the PPFD.

Hydro-X controllers can be used with almost all the equipment in a growing room. HVAC systems, mini split ACs, humidifiers and dehumidifiers are just a few examples. Users can use the Hydro-X Controller and sensor to program control modules based on the sensor data.

Hydro-X can connect all the control and sensor modules using an RJ12 standard cable. Modules are linked together by RJ-12 cables, allowing flexible installation and expansion in the future.

Different Features

TrolMaster is always working to improve the control system of growers. Hydro-X Plus and Hydro X Pro are our new, superior versions with more features and settings.


3-in-1 Sensor: 2 Pcs

CO2 Sensor: 1 CO2 Sensor Station Max. 2 Pcs

1 pc Program Device Station: Maximum: 9 PCs

4 pcs Internet Connectivity: 4 PCs

Hydro-X Controllers come with a 3-in-1 sensor (Temp / Humidity / Day/Night).

Hydro-X Plus

4-in-1 Sensor: 

1 PC Program Device Station: Max. 12 Pcs

Internet connectivity:

Humidity Device station: 

Hydro-X Plus Controller includes a 4-in-1 sensor (Temp / Humidity / Night-Day) that is precise and accurate.

Hydro-X Pro

You can combine up to 50 different sensors and control modules.

Internet Connection: Web-based program

Hydro-X Pro Controller includes a 4-in-1 sensor (Temp / Humidity / Night-Day) that is precise and accurate.