Plagron Pure Enzymes

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Plagron Pure Enzymes
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Plagron Pure Enzymes

The Plagron Pure Enzymes preparation is indispensable to modern plant cultivation.
Enzymes are highly specialised protein molecules that are produced by bacteria and fungi. They act as an accelerator (catalyst) for countless biochemical processes in which molecules are converted into a different form.
With the aid of Enzymes bio-catalyst, cellulose and pectin groups of dead plant parts, such as the roots, are broken down at an accelerated rate, which releases many nutrients for the plant's microlife. Because the roots are supplied with nutrients from the surrounding microlife, stimulating the microlife in the root environment results in an increase in the plant's absorption capacity. The micro life increases, as it were, the absorption surface of the root.

A good root system has many young growth points. It is precisely at these growth points that the double-acting elements such as calcium, magnesium and iron are absorbed.
The microlife also provides a certain amount of protection against disease generators.

Available sizes: 250ml and 500ml



Use and dosage

Before use, shake well. For every 1 litre of water, add 1 ml Pure Zym (1:1000). This solution should be used every time that the plants need to be irrigated throughout the cultivation period.

Pure Zym can be used on all coconut and peat substrates. After using an irrigation system flush it out.

Attention: This product does not suit hydroponic cultivation methods such as deep water culture (DWC), nutrient film (NFT) or aeroponics.

These are the characteristics stabilised enzyme solution.

What is the best way to combine Pure Zym and Alga Bloom or Alga Grow?

Yes, that's possible. Your plants won't be hurt if you combine enzymes with Alga Bloom and Alga Grow.

Pure Zym's nutrient solution has an odd smell or looks cloudy. Is this a problem?

This is normal, and it isn't harmful to your plants. Pure Zym's organic ingredients are responsible for this. 

Once the product is dissolved in water, natural bacteria growth begins. The smell can cause the solution to appear cloudy. 

It does not cause any harm to your plants.

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