Autopot Self Watering Systems

AutoPot System quickly solves your indoor and outdoor watering needs using no power, timers or pumps. Auto Pots negates your need for daily watering whatever the weather. Your plants can be left unattended for weeks at a time, saving you time & money on water and nutrient waste. It is environmentally friendly too. The Hydroponic watering system is great if you are unable to feed your plants manually, thus giving you several days or more knowing that everything is being taken care of.

Every busy grower knows that time spent on unnecessary tasks is money wasted. AutoPot is efficient, cost effective and simple to use. Autopot was designed by experts that understand the plant's needs. Watering is carried out only when required by the plant allowing a wet/dry cycle for impressive growth.  

Whats Included:

  • Autopots & Trays
  • Reservoir Tank
  • AQUAvalves
  • Root Control Discs
  • All Pipe & Fittings Required.

AutoPot Features:

  • Simple Nutrient Delivery - Very easy to use, even for beginners. 
  • Gravity Fed - No Pumps, Electricity or Timers
  • Scalable - 1 to 60 Pots
  • AQUAvalve Innovation - Delivers nutrients only when needed by your plants.
  • Tried and Tested Solution
  • Black Matrix Root Disk - Prevents blockages caused by root growth.
  • Almost Maintenance Free

AutoPot Benefits:

  • Outstanding results are not just possible but repeatable
  • Bottom feeding ensures an even distribution of nutrients 
  • Low Maintenance - Saves you money, time & labour
  • Simple Installation. Everything included except grow medium & plants
  • Simple & effective system with minimal effort or maintenance needed

Doctor Blooms are happy to help you formulate the right Auto Pot UK kit to best suit your needs. We have had many years working in the hydroponics industry and fully understand where you might benefit from our experience. We offer you a price promise and price match guarantee along with honest professional and friendly advice