CDM (Ceramic Discharge Metal-Halide bulbs) provide the closest to spectrum to the sunlight, they also run slightly cooler than their HPS counterparts. Perfect as standalone full cycle lights or also acting as supplemental lighting. LUMii SOLAR is LUMii's range of 315W CDM lighting, including complete fixtures and lamps. These light fixtures have the ability to change reflectors to have wide and closed angled ones on to suit your environment.

As a UK top supplier over the years, Doctor Blooms have tried and tested many different products from a whole range of different brands. Those brands that we're working with, have proved their worth by providing top quality equipment, LUMii is one of those brands. LUMii Solar is their range of 315W CDM lighting. LUMii Solar fixtures are designed to be used specifically with LUMii Solar Lamps, but will still have a great performance with other CDM lamp brands. Please contact the shop via email at [email protected] or call on 01279 501857 for any advice on your lighting requirements, we have years of experience with assisting people set up indoor garden and provide them with the best lighting solutions.