Low Energy Lighting

When it comes to setting up an indoor garden, sometimes electricity bills can amount up due to the running wattages of powerful lights. Our range of low energy lighting solutions tackle this problem by providing light from low wattage fixtures and bulbs. Microgreens and vertical farming situations normally only require low levels of light to thrive and prosper, T5 and CFL technology are perfect for these situations.

Light is one of the most important elements when it comes to growing fruit and vegetables, without light nothing can photosynthesise and grow. When it comes to indoor gardening your light is a important matter, weighing up efficiency with energy bills while also making sure your plants are getting the correct spectrum and amount of light they need. We took the time to put together this category to help you make the decision are these variables, we are more than happy to help assist you choose the correct light for your situation. We are available via email at [email protected] & via phone on 01279 501857, or visit our showroom down Raynham Road, Bishops Stortford, Hertfordshire, CM245PE and we can run you through all the options.