Lamps / Bulbs

Today's grow lights bulbs come in all different shapes, wattage and spectrums, From HPS to CDM, T5 and even CFL we have a wide range of lamps available to fit all fixtures to suit many situations. 

We're making our choices based on experiences we had with different light fixtures and bulbs. By having the right lighting in your garden you can assure the perfect environment for your plants whatever they might be. The Bulbs and Lamps that we supply in this category have proven over time that they're top quality products produced to help you reach your gardening goals. Here at Doctor Blooms, we offer an advice service to help you find the right bulbs to fit your garden. We have a showroom with many lights on display based in Bishops Stortford, we are also available via email at [email protected] and telephone on 01279 501857 between 10am-6pm.