EasyFeed System 22L (4 TO 100 POT)

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EasyFeed System 22L (4 TO 100 POT)
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£174.99 - £2343.99
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EasyFeed system 22L {4 to 100 pot} 


EasyFeed System 22L {4 to 100 pot}, Is a patent-pending irrigation system that does not require electricity or water pumps. The EasyFeed system is designed for coco coir and soil growers. It uses 16mm feed pipes to prevent clogging of the system.

Easy Feed uses the bottom-feeding technique. This means water is absorbed by your media, and then it continues to the roots. The process of osmosis means that roots will absorb sufficient water to reach their desired absorption rate. You will be able to determine how much water your plants really need.



Camo Water Tank Alien Hydroponics' Camo Tank, a new product, is fully collapsible and camouflage-patterned water tanks. They are provided with super strong frames that provide extra support for the water once it is full. This will give you complete peace of mind.

It has convenient ports for pipes or hoses to be inserted and removed from the tank. This makes it ideal for hydroponic systems of all kinds.


EasyFeed Fabric Pots & Water Timer


Easy to use, your plants can be fed via the EasyFeed water timer which is battery powered - you can adjust to any frequency of hours to days to once a week.

Regular feeding will allow the media to dry inside the EasyFeed Fabric pots, which will help air prune roots. This will also increase the root zone.

Increase oxygen supply to the root zone

Heat is removed from the root zone

Encourages roots to root downwards

Reusable, recyclable and compostable


Installation of the EasyFeed system


After your pot module has been assembled, piping is completed. Pots are ready to be filled with the media of your choice. The EasyFeed Water Timer can be connected to your Camo Tank. Set the watering times and the system will take care of the rest. You can create unlimited layouts, and you have the option to purchase individual modules.

  • Gravity fed
  • Control watering frequency
  • No nutrient waste
  • No electric needed
  • Roots are drawn downwards
  • Breathable fabric pots
  • Eco friendly
  • Even, consistent feeding  schedule for multiple plants

Kit Includes:Trays, Lids,Pots, Floats, Hose, Tails, Tee's, Elbow Pipe, Water Timer, Filter, Spanner, Instruction.

How The EasyFeed system works

The EasyFeed System takes care of all the watering. Alien Hydroponics created the EasyFeed system after analyzing the shortcomings of gravity-fed systems. They also developed an easy-to-use set-up with low maintenance that addresses all the issues. This system combines the ease-of-use of an Autopot and GoGro with the growth rates, and programming capabilities of more complicated systems like the IWS Flood & Drain.The EasyFeed Water Timer {included in kit} allows you to fine-tune your feeding routine. Gravity-fed systems also use float-valves, which refill the trays with nutrients every so often. Because these dry periods give the rootzone time to re-oxygenate, they can also be just as crucial as waterings. Too long root zones can slow down growth, and make them more susceptible to diseases such as pythium which could lead to the destruction of entire crops. This system allows you to choose the feeding time and durations with an innovative battery-powered EasyFeed timer. The tank will adjust the amount of nutrients that is flowing. This allows you to set a feeding schedule that works for you. If necessary, you can choose how long the feeding interval should be. It could range from 1 minute to 2 hours. The Alien EasyFeed system allows you to have complete control over your indoor garden.

Are Fabric Pots Any Good

Some gravity-fed systems use old-fashioned, solid pots. The EasyFeed system uses fabric pots. Longer roots circle around containers more often than shorter pots. Roots often take up most of your container's substrate, which can be a big waste. This fundamental problem can be fixed by cloth pots using a technique called "root pruning".Root-pruning containers allow roots to grow toward the edges of the substrate, until reaching the fabric sidewalls. The fresh air forces the roots to reach the fabric sidewalls and causes them to stop growing. A new root is then sent from the middle of the root-zone. The result is a dense and radially-structured mass of roots which fills all the space in the container. Another great benefit of breathing fabric is that it allows heat to escape more easily, and keeps rootzone temperatures in the right place. Stronger roots equal stronger plants. Stronger plants equal bigger yields and better end products. Fabric pots are high quality and have handles so you can easily turn plants. For better growth, it is important to turn your plants frequently. The fabric pots seal the substrate within the container. Regular pots can have small holes on their bottoms which may allow coco or soil to escape. The fabric pots make your garden neater and more organized, while also preventing any blockages.

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