Clear Orchid pots

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Clear Orchid pots
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Clear, Round Orchid Pots

These orchid pots by Growth Technology have been optimised to ensure that orchids can grow as they were meant to grow.  The clear pots allow for light to pass through which means that the roots can grow substantially. 

The clear design also means that you can see how hydrated the soil is, so you can tell when you need to water the orchids. 

Clear air cone pots, which are a high quality range of Orchid containers and pots, are very popular. Clear air cone pots are becoming very popular because they provide additional air flow to the root core, making it easier to determine when to water. These are two essential aspects to successful orchid growing.

The International Phalaenopsis Alliance (UK) recommends these Clear Orchid Pots if you want to grow the best orchids. These robust, transparent pots are great for epiphytic orchids such as Phalaenopsis Orchid Growing (the most popular).

Clear plastic pots for orchid growing with drainage holes. Also useful for growing cuttings, and observing root growth.

Clear pots encourage root photosynthesis and healthy growth. Filtered light enters the root ball and mimics natural growing conditions.

How to use the Clear, Round Orchid pot

The pathogens that can cause illness in orchids are extremely sensitive. Before you start, make sure to clean your pots and equipment. Silver Bullet Mist will kill spores, fungi and bacteria.

Take your orchid plant out of its plastic container and shake off any excess bark.

Reduce the root length to about 10 cm. Take out any roots that are brown or damaged and keep the healthy white ones.

Place your orchid in the middle of the clear plastic container and add the orchid potting mixture around the edges. This should be done carefully so that the roots are not damaged. To make sure the orchid is stable, gently pat the potting mixture down.

You don't need to water your orchids every day. Every one to two weeks is enough.

Are clear pots better for orchids ?

Undoubtedly, clear plastic pots are better for your orchids, so if you don't mind the look of them, just keep your orchid as it came. You can also compromise and place the plastic pot inside a nice planter to boost the look of your indoor plant ideas while the orchid is in bloom and not producing fresh roots.

Why are orchids sold in clear pots?

When left out of decorative pots, the clear plastic pots allow the orchid roots to absorb sunlight, as they would in nature growing on the side of a tree. This means the roots can also photosynthesize and add energy to the plant

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